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Team Collaboration and Social Groups



Automation and technology continue to lift a lot of manual labor off people. Human activities are mostly shifting to creative and expert work. Modern business increasingly puts the focus on people and their social interactions. Strong teamwork, crisp and clear communication, and proper information handling are the cornerstones of success for all sorts of companies in the modern business.

Collaboration and socially oriented work approach have become key factors for organizations of all sizes. Companies increasingly identify success as the result of teams that work well together rather than every member's individual efforts.

Incorporating's collaboration tools into your organization enables you to build a foundation for a socially oriented work model. The platform supports your teams in day to day communication and aids them in pursuing shared objectives.

Express CRM solution connects everyone

Businesses of various sectors nowadays face many social and communicational challenges:

  • Organizing a common environment for direct, universal communication in a single channel
  • Implementing a sustainable solution for task distribution, event management, and file sharing
  • Accurately recreating the physical teams, activities, and interaction in this environment
  • Sorting out and finding relevant information entered by members in a quick and easy way's Social Groups provide a common media, where people can share work assignments, ideas, and information to drive the company closer to its goals.

Social Groups are also ideally integrated with remote and hybrid work environments. They enable your company to perform equally efficiently when some team members are working from home, others are at the office, and others are traveling.

Social Groups in

Social Groups provide a set of team collaboration tools in, implementing the social ERP concept into the platform. The module is suitable and adaptive to all companies regardless of size, sector, or structure.


Groups enable you to virtually represent your company's actual teams and their work within's environment. Social Groups help your organization grow, connect, and streamline work and information flows in three major aspects:

  1. Create a common digital workspace for people to connect, share, and accomplish.
  2. Retain the focus on the role of the specific team to avoid unwanted distractions while working.
  3. Combine all the necessary information and activities, streamed in a single, well-known place.

Groups help in defining teams in order to easily match the job to the right people, organized by department, project, or designation. This helps managers assess the numerous chunks of work, structure them into assignments, and distribute them throughout the relevant teams.


Adding a new team member into a group instantly shares all the group's information with them. This enables your company to simplify and accelerate the onboarding of new team members and help them become well-adept of their role.

Social Groups include various integrated features:

  • Chatter - instant communication with replies and reactions similar to common social media networks
  • Shared Calendar - for sharing events, such as organized meetings, calls, time off, and others
  • To Do - reminders about pending work with due dates, reminder times, notes, status, and others
  • Group Files - a place for sharing files of common interest to the selected group members
  • Group Members - options for listing and administration of the selected group members

Groups place you in the center of action, letting you know about all current tasks and events the moment they are planned. Team collaboration of helps you never miss out on important details and events.


Calendar events and files belonging to a social group are visible inside it for every member of that group. People who are added as participants in group calendar events also see those in their personal calendars.

Team collaboration in modern business

Increasing competition, rising customer expectations, and uncertain economic environments can all challenge a company. Meeting these requirements calls for companies to look for ways to combine individual efforts and streamline them into collaboration practices.

Manually unifying the invidiual efforts of team members often consumes valuable time and resources.'s Team collaboration module transfers this job from people to your system, letting you and your teams engage in more useful activities.

Many businesses now rely on remote and hybrid work models to obtain flexibility, attract more professionals, and expand their coverage.'s Social Groups can help you in fostering a culture of social belonging and team participation.

Positive work culture and well-working teams give people in your company a sense of connection and purpose. Such qualities can naturally boost overall performance.

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