Welcome to the ERP.net information site!


ERP.net is a comprehensive cloud ERP-CRM platform, accessible from web, desktop, and mobile. It can be used to manage multiple legal entities in a single ERP instance, sharing processes and definitions. ERP.net tightly integrates a lot of applications and has a unique hybrid integration model, balancing between the all-in-one and best-of-breed approaches.

Use this site to get detailed information about the ERP.net platform - general information such as features, apps, modules, licensing models, system information, terms and conditions, etc. The information is geared towards prospective customers, previewing ERP.net for their ERP implementation plans, as well as existing ones, eager to learn more about newly released modules and apps or upgrades and modernizations of existing functionalities.

ERP.net takes a different approach than most vendors to the ERP selection process. The selection of a new ERP is a major decision for any company and such a decision requires significant research. Hence, this info site is structured as an academic research site with as little as possible marketing stuff.


The system features are arguably one of the most important factors when selecting an ERP. Use this section to read more about the different modules and features of ERP.net.

  • Highlighted Features - ERP.net's universal strongpoints applicable throughout the platform's systems.
  • General - general features, applicable to all modules.
  • My Apps - ERP.net app suite for personal productivity and team collaboration.
  • CRM - features related to the CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
  • Logistics - logistics encompasses movement and storage of physical goods.
  • Production - conversion of raw materials to finished products.
  • Financials - company financials management, including regulatory compliance.
  • System module - the system module containing system settings in general and custom configurations.
  • Integrations - built-in integrations with external services.
  • Third-party apps - third-party apps developed for the ERP.net platform.


This section contains general information about the platform, hosting, licensing, etc.

Here you will find legal details and topics about the ERP.net platform.